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How to Become a Hypnotherapist
with a Difference

We teach you how to treat more than just the symptom

We combine hypnotherapy, strategic psychotherapy, counselling critical thinking skills & business training into one comprehensive course.

Learn from industry experts that are active professionals in hypnotherapy, who will teach you the skills & experience necessary to become a confident Clinical Hypnotherapist

Small class sizes

Why Train with Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers?

Aspire has a single purpose – Enhancing the profession through the pursuit of excellence. Therefore the course includes a comprehensive theory base, hypnosis skills, counselling skills, and business skills to help undertake a new business. The techniques learned are vital to ensure you are equipped to support your clients efficiently and effectively.

While many hypnotherapy training schools provide scripts for their students, we focus on developing critical thinking skills. This is because we believe that when a client comes to you, you are not treating a symptom but rather helping a person make the changes they desire. To this end, we don’t focus so much on treating this condition or that one, but instead, use STRATEGIC PSYCHOTHERAPY to uncover how somebody maintains an undesirable pattern of thinking or behaviour. As such, this course is not for the faint hearted. It is a comprehensive course, with extensive work to be completed within a year (from the first ‘face to face’ module).

At Aspire, we understand that graduating with our Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is only the first step in your learning journey to have a long and successful career in the profession. As such, you will be eligible to participate in monthly ‘live online’ group supervision sessions after the course. This is complimentary to support you to implement your new skills and knowledge competently and confidently.

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