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Why Aspire Hypnotherapy will help you reach your goals

About Our Affordable, Comprehensive, Interactive, and Engaging Training Courses

Aspire Hypnotherapy Training Providers are an Australia company with offices in Sydney and Western Australia – offering training covering all areas of hypnosis and the associated fields such as clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, and mentoring. We ensure that our training courses are affordable and accessible to those who wish to build a career within the field; you can find out more about our training courses below.

Aspire training prides itself on providing students with a training experience that is comprehensive, interactive, and engaging. We believe in teaching the real-life skills of hypnosis rather than focusing on abstract theory. For this reason, you can expect training at Aspire to be unique and tailored to the needs of up-and‑coming clinical hypnotherapists.

The training courses on offer at Aspire training vary in length and qualifications. All training includes access to state-of-the-art online learning portal interactive training, training recording, and coaching session with a qualified hypnotherapist. 

hypnotherapy course options

Course Options:

Our trainers have their qualifications too

Diploma in hypnosis

Meet Your Experienced Hypnotherapy Trainers

Lisa Webber

Lisa Webber has lived and breathed hypnotherapy for over 17 years.
Her compassion for truly helping patients live a better life, bought her to study under Michael Yapko Ph.D who is a Clinical Psychologist focused on the areas of treating depression, developing psychotherapies and advancing the clinical applications of hypnosis. 

Lisa’s commitment and dedication to education and training in the pursuit of excellence, lead her to develop the current curriculum offered by AspireHypnotherapy which teaches practitioners to meet patient needs and achieve their goals through efficient and effective interventions.

Her compassion and warmth with an unparalleled dedication to bringing change to the lives of others is truly reflective in the Aspire course with how it goes beyond treating a symptom but rather helping a person make the changes they desire.

Lisa Webber
Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist. He owns a busy private practice in Norwest, Sydney with Rebecca Smith and is a specialist in treating anxiety, sleep, and behavoural issues in children and teens

Paul has more than 25 years of experience as a technical business analyst and consultant. He has helped thousands of business owners and start-ups build wealth through process, efficiency, and optimisation. He is passionate about assisting others to improve their lives through therapy, teaching, and consulting.

Jo Crothers

Jo Crothers has been working within the field of counselling for the past 15 years. What started with a goal to assist in rehabilitating offenders led her to spend over a decade working in case management, individual, group and family counselling and leadership roles within the corrective services industry.

During this time, Jo provided ongoing training and support to new employees as they developed their skills and strategies working in this field. Jo went on to study Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy and has been operating her private practice for the past five years, working collaboratively with clients.

Jo Crothers
Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca is an experienced counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist with more than ten years of experience in the mental health industry. Rebecca owns a busy private practice in Norwest, Sydney, with Paul Smith. Rebecca is also one of Sydney’s preferred PSYCH-K Centre International Facilitators, with advanced, master and health & wellbeing certifications.  

Rebecca’s extensive knowledge of weight loss, relationships and stress-related issues bring a unique level of understanding to how our limiting beliefs can hold us back from great happiness and success…

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