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Lisa Webber

Lisa Webber

Lisa Webber

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Trainer, Assessor & Supervisor

About Lisa

Lisa Webber is a focused, compassionate, and warm individual with an unparalleled dedication to bringing change to the lives of others, both personally and professionally. Her commitment to wellness and education was derived from the innate desire to help and support family and friends from a young age. She has continued on this pathway to the current day. Lisa provides education and training, with support and understanding to collaborate with people, teams and organisations to meet their needs and achieve their goals through efficient and effective interventions. Her commitment to ongoing personal and professional development is commendable and admirable as she ensures she provides current, informative, evidence-based practice through both her clinical and education work.

Originally trained and employed as a teacher, Lisa continued her training and studies to understand the human condition better and provide various interventions and modalities to support and accommodate her students and clients. A perpetual student, Lisa initially trained in traditional approaches to hypnotherapy. However, her thirst for knowledge created opportunities for her to explore more current methodologies by developing and utilising skills in the field of Strategic Psychotherapy. For more than a decade Lisa has been trained and mentored by Dr Michale Yapko Ph.D, a world respected leader in the field. This allowed her to adopt various styles of working to achieve the best outcomes for her client’s and her students. Lisa’s ability to innovate, explore and be open to different ways of working has supported the longevity of her career and is representative of her reputation within the wellness industry.

Lisa’s commitment and dedication to education and training in the pursuit of excellence are highlighted in the various roles she has taken on throughout her career. These roles include, but are not limited to:

Lisa is the founder and director of Effective Minds and co-founder of Perth Hypnotherapy Solutions, born out of her desire and commitment to empowering children and youth to navigate the complexities of challenges in an ever-changing world more skillfully. Her clinical work with youth continues today in a productive and thriving practice. Lisa wears many ‘hats’ in the field and often notes her joy and fulfilment of the privilege of working in a clinical setting and supporting therapists to support their clients.

Lisa believes there is something very humbling as you watch people develop their skills and passions to bring about desired changes.


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