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The Aspire Team

What Our Students Think of Aspire Training


Expanding My Toolkit

 My journey into clinical hypnosis began nine years ago when I attended a weekend workshop with a work colleague. As mental health clinicians we were both interested in finding out more about hypnosis and its clinical application. After the workshop we both decided to sign up for the certificate course in what’s commonly referred to as traditional hypnosis methods.

The traditional course was very interesting and I continued on to complete the diploma certification which took around 18 months altogether. Whilst the course was interesting, the traditional hypnosis aspect never felt completely comfortable to me. Much of the process was quite directive and challenged my values as a mental health therapist. I didn’t really take off as a private hypnotherapist during that time and looking back I can see that the gap between my therapeutic values ad the traditional model was too wide to transcend for me as a therapist.

A few years later I was given the amazing opportunity to enroll in a diploma in clinical hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy. The whole course was based on a solution focused model which was perfectly in sync with my social work therapy background. The utilization aspect of the course was very strengths based and I felt very comfortable using this in my everyday work with clients. The whole premise of modern clinical hypnosis is very respectful and empowering for clients. Since completing this course I have fully transitioned into private practice. The application of this strengths-based model of hypnosis is so effective in helping people. Experts like Michael Yapko have written many books on the subject in relation to the application of clinical hypnosis for mental health disorders such as depression. Lisa is an ardent follower of Yapko and has personally trained extensively with him. Lisa Webber was the facilitator in my last diploma course. I would highly recommend her course to anyone wanting modern hypnosis training.


Adding to My Coaching Business

As a Human Resource Director I decided coaching was a skill that would help me in my job.  And it did.

I found it to be invaluable to help my clients gain clarity, make decisions and feel more in control of their work and home life.

BUT, there were some who on a conscious level knew what they wanted, knew why they weren't changing but just couldn't change. They knew - nothing changed- and they didn't know how to make the change on a non-conscious level.

Fortunately, I met another coach who told me she had been having the same issue and had taken a short course in Milton Erikson hypnosis techniques and was using it to embed the insights her clients were having.

I was hooked.

I did a short course in hypnosis and realised rather quickly that it wasn't enough.  And so I studied a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy. What a difference to my coaching therapy.  My clients still have complete control over where they want the coaching and therapy to take them, and for those that really want to embed the change they want to make, hypnosis does that and helps my clients make the changes they really want.

I have loved using strategic psychotherapy and the continuing learning journey it takes you on.  And even better, after the formal education, the continuing supervision (both group and individual) maintains the freshness of it all.

I couldn't recommend this to you highly enough.


A Fortunate Student

I could not recommend Lisa Webber highly enough. Lisa has a genuine interest in you as a person and in bringing the best out of you as a strategic hypnotherapist.
Her aim is not only to assist in your passing but also in surpassing the benchmark. Her training with one of the most remarkable therapists of our time, Michael Yapko, shines through in her delivery and instruction.
I count myself fortunate to have had her as my teacher.


Above & Beyond

I cannot recommend being trained and mentored by Lisa enough. In the past struggled I have really with formal education. Lisa went above and beyond to help me with my studies and allowed me the space to work out what I needed to. Her encouragement, constant support, vast knowledge really helped me to achieve my Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Amanda B

Treasure Trove

Lisa is a treasure trove of knowledge and a truly natural teacher. She goes above and beyond and always has the perfect book, quote, example or metaphor at hand to help enhance her students understanding. I felt so supported training with her, and her thoughtful suggestions helped develop my confidence. I’m now successfully working in a job I love on my own terms, and I’m so grateful to Lisa for helping me get here.

Lara R

Amazing Teacher

I have spent the last 12 months under the tutelage of Lisa Webber. She is a wealth of knowledge and has always been supportive and easy to approach. I have gained so much insight into ways to help and benefit my clients. She is an amazing teacher, mentor and advisor. I could not recommend her more highly and feel truly blessed that I found her to help me on my journey into my therapy career.
Thank you so much Lisa.

Mel K

Forever Grateful

I first met Lisa at my first practical at my Hypnotherapy course. Lisa built rapport with each student quickly and seemingly with ease. Her straight up approach was calming and instilled confidence while being easy to learn from. All questions were always answered concisely with all information clarified in an uncomplicated manner. Lisa was extremely generous with the information she shared. She encouraged involvement in an extremely non-confrontational way and made me feel at ease while embarking hypnotherapy for the first time. Thank you, Lisa, I will always be grateful for your teaching and encouragement.

Lisa S

Friendly, Professional and Supportive

I have found Lisa's supervision sessions to be very informative, helpful, and insightful. Her friendly, professional and supportive manner during group sessions has assisted in my own growth and confidence when approaching clients. I'm very grateful to Lisa for her enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge so generously, and for her invitation for us to grow in our own abilities by encouraging open communication with all the participants. It is always a pleasure to be in her group sessions.
I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Lisa as a trainer.

Diana L

An Inspiration

Lisa Webber has been my hypnotherapy trainer and one of my mentors in the mental health field. She inspires me to keep learning about myself and how I can help others with their emotional challenges. She is not just an experienced and very knowledgeable therapist, but also kind and committed to her purpose - helping others to improve their lives, their clients' lives and their professional skills. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone that wants to get unstuck and wants to learn more about hypnotherapy. Thank you Lisa.

Claire G


I started working with Lisa in 2020.
Lisa brings a depth of understanding and practical experience in hypnotherapy. Her teaching is fun, uplifting and encouraging and is generous with her time and resources.
To anyone thinking about working with Lisa, I couldn't recommend her enough.
If you put in the work, you will get the results. Lisa shares exactly how she does it.

Carolin S

Supportive & Helpful

Lisa has trained with the internationally recognised psychologist and hypnotherapist Michael Yapko and she is a very advanced and knowledgeable teacher in the field of hypnosis. She is always patient, detailed and encouraging in her explanations, which has made my journey towards becoming a hypnotherapist much easier. Lisa has been my teacher and supervisor for the past 2 years and she has always been extremely supportive and helpful. Her outgoing and sparkling nature makes learning fun too! I highly recommend training with Lisa.

Todd P

Great Facilitator

Having Lisa as a supervisor has been nothing short of amazing. Her vast knowledge of hypnotherapy and her ability to facilitate information helped me understand how to integrate processes and has allowed me to understand hypnosis on a deeper level.
Lisa always makes time to help you understand and grasp the concepts that are important and essential in hypnotherapy enabling you to become a better practitioner.
I trust Lisa and consider myself privileged to have her as a mentor and supervisor.

Janie O

Couldn't Have Done It Without Lisa

I studied Hypnosis with Lisa in 2019 and now I'm a fully-fledged hypnotherapist. Lisa was a great teacher and gave me all the tools I needed to do my job well. I chose to continue the contact with Lisa via supervision and I highly recommend her as a teacher and a supervisor. I couldn't have done this without her.

Mandy B

Brought Out The Best in Me

Lisa Webber has taught and then supervised me for about a year and a half (so far) on my journey and career change to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. I've done a lot of courses in my time, including a Bachelor's Degree and a number of Diplomas and Certificates. Lisa is the best teacher I've had – she makes content come alive, is worldly wise and experienced, caring and fun. Learning with Lisa has changed my life and brought out my best – she kind of has a cult following among her many fans and students – if you get the chance to learn with Lisa, grab it.

Jamina T

Highly Knowledgeable & Patient Teacher

Lisa Webber is an excellent, highly knowledgeable and patient teacher who shares her wealth of experience in a nurturing and purposeful way. I highly recommend any training offered by Lisa Webber, and students can feel confident in the calibre of education they will receive under her guidance.

Katienka H

Interested in Neuroplasticity

After I have retired as a medical doctor, I decided to follow my interest in neuroplasticity of the brain and hypnotherapy. I enrolled in the most academic and practical course I could find in Perth. Lisa Webber was the educator at the course and what a breath of fresh air. I got to know her as a professional that is not only academically strong, but she motivated each and everyone in the class.
She had the ability to see the strengths and weaknesses of everyone and to utilise this to the benefit of all.
I am now working as a behavioural psychologist and hypnotherapist. What was an interest has become a passion, because of Lisa.
I have asked Lisa to be my supervisor for the last few years and will continue. I am always learning from her and love her willingness to share and help whenever needed.

Shavaya H

Very Rewarding Career

I studied hypnotherapy in 2018 with Lisa Webber. Lisa is such an amazing teacher & goes above and beyond to help her students understand the concepts that are needed in modern hypnotherapy.
All the skills that I have learned via Lisa have helped me to work with other health professionals, start my own business, navigate insurances and registrations as well as be able to work with clients in a safe and effective way. If you're interested in a very rewarding career in hypnotherapy, then I would highly recommend Lisa Webber as your teacher.

Rebecca W

Born Motivator

Lisa is a born motivator and evocative mentor. Lisa's therapeutic and motivational cures for my inclination to procrastinate were incisive and efficient.
She amplifies every student's unique strengths while not letting their inner inhibition evade her astute insightfulness.
She blesses her students with a powerful and beautiful balance of action-driven and nurturing energies, very rare in mentors and occupational educators.
Learning from Lisa has not only gifted me useful knowledge and tools to assist my clients' transformation but also presented me with the pathway for my own transformation.
I would definitely recommend Lisa to people who are committed to supporting others' healing, growth and their own advancement.

Bev D

Can't Recommend Lisa Highly Enough

I can't recommend Lisa enough as a trainer. Lisa has a passion to ensure that her students are well equipped to go out into the world as fully trained hypnotherapists who are able to confidently manage potential clients expectations. Her infectious enthusiasm and attention to detail, with common sense, provide her students with clarity and wisdom in the craft. Her training is not for the weekend hypnotherapist. This is true hypnosis and metapsychology, paving the way for a successful career for those looking to truly master the craft and make changes in their community.

Jean C

7 Star Rating - If I Could

Lisa is a passionate and effective teacher and a highly skilled hypnotherapist.
She has many years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and a hypnotherapy supervisor and is highly regarded in the profession.
Lisa makes learning fun, and she has an amazing ability to individualise the learning process with her natural insight into each student's needs.
I would highly recommend any course run by Lisa as she is a skilled hypnotherapy trainer.

Justine D

Grab the Opportunity With BOTH Hands

I'm so happy to be able to recommend the Aspire course, as Lisa is an incredible educator, therapist, and mentor. Lisa has been my clinical supervisor for a couple of years. During that time, I have come to know her as a therapist with a vast range of professional experience in the world of hypnotherapy. I will do whatever it takes to adapt my schedule so that I never have to miss the opportunity to learn from Lisa. I have no doubt that I would not be the therapist I am today without the skilled and expert guidance that she provides. Lisa has the ability to share her huge breadth of knowledge with real passion and integrity. Because she has the real-world experience that she teaches about, she doesn't need to inflate the content with useless waffle. Every piece of information she shares has relevance and value. Her lessons are nuggets of wisdom to archive for future use. I particularly enjoy Lisa's fabulous sense of humour that makes learning from her a joy as well as an asset. If you have the opportunity to learn with Lisa, I recommend you grab it with both hands.

Louise J

Learn How Hypnotherapy is Done in the Real World

If you want to learn how hypnotherapy is done in the real world, Lisa is one of the best instructors to teach you. She has a wealth of expertise, exceptional teaching abilities and a great way of explaining topics in simple, easy-to-understand instructions. So, take your career to the next level with Lisa!

Joey C

Sparked Passion

Jo kindly donated her time to come and discuss career opportunities and the study of psychology with my year 11 General Psychology students. A somewhat disengaged class, she quickly had them on side. She was engaging, informative and challenged the students with a variety of activities. Students regularly commented throughout the rest of the year about how much they enjoyed the presentation and how much insight it gave them into the wide variety of career opportunities within the field of psychology. She really sparked an interest and passion in the students that carried through the remainder of the school year.

Alison B

Made Learning Easy

Joanne Crothers is a highly skilled and effective presenter.

Attendees are made to feel welcome and comfortable from the start, as Jo is highly personable with a warm and welcoming demeanour.

Jo is engaging and makes the content easy to learn, relatable and relevant. Jo is clearly passionate about mental health and has very diverse and extensive experience.

Jo has great flexibility throughout her presentations, which allows for natural flow of the content. She has great intuition for what the group needs are in the moment and is always able to meet them by employing a range of strategies (i.e. breaks, humour, participant involvement, checking for comprehension, preparing the group for what might feel difficult, normalising, real life examples).

Jo welcomes feedback and clearly strives for excellence as a facilitator. Her experience, care and dedication make her a highly effective and supportive teacher.

It was a pleasure to attend Jo’s course and I look forward to working with Jo in the future.

Simon L

I found this a great starting point

The certificate course was wonderful. I have a great insight into hypnosis.

Michael J

Great Course

I really enjoyed how well laid out the course was and i'm excited to get started on the diploma.

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